Keller Williams Greater Lexington Superlatives have been a shining tradition over the past several years and this year has been so exception. 

Each year the entire KWGL Market Center receives an online survey where they can go vote on team members who are in the running for each category! The votes are counted up and an awards ceremony is planned as part of the KWGL annual Christmas Party. 

(KWGL 2018 Leadership Team)

So, who are this year's award winning faces, and what are their titles?

Mrs. KW - Terra Long    

Mr. KW - Michael Prather    

Script Masters - Bob Sophiea & Michael Prather

Social King & Queen - Josh Barrett & Amy Meier    

KW Professors - John Waizenhofer, Amy Barron, & Dana Dentry

KW Comdedians - Amy Barron & Jeff Green    

KW Philanthropist - Terra Long    

Most Bold - Bob Sophiea    

Most Helpful - Scotty Floro